What It's All About


The blogposts frequently comprise whatever comes to mind. With the exception of some reviews, as listed on the pages, this blog is fiction. Please contact me at ragtaggiggagon@gmail.com if you'd like to provide feedback! Check out some of the features below, and thanks for visiting.

Sleb culture

Whether a parody of tabloid tittle tattle, or a hybrid featuring world politics, there's a little made up gossip.

Inspiration includes international news.

So there is satire on this blog. It includes pop culture, politics, and whatever else may be written about, if I think of something.


International politics can be found alongside news stories from Ireland, stuff about horsemeat, and fond retrospectives. Check out an Irish Health Service story here.

Read the profiles of the Republican candidates from a previous US general election here. Read about Dora the Explorer being deported here.


There are also parodies of news stories, such as this one involving Elvis impersonators, and this one which broadly deals with Moore's Law, and this one, all about CGI in filmmaking.


How-to Guides, "Facts" about Things, Self Help and Advice...

For instance,

How to Eat Your Way Through Italy

Advice from a Psychic

How They Elect a New Pope

Fabulous Nature and Science Facts

Already obsolete suggestions about How to Recycle Old Jokes


There is a blog novel here too. It's an organic and parodic beast, and it's not meant to be perused as a whole due to its painfully episodic and scattered nature.




The blog has a number of short stories, such as this one, Priorities. UPDATE: Most of the stories have since been removed. They will feature in a short story collection entitled Fade to Black.


There are also reviews of movies and theatre pieces, perhaps books and a variety of other stuff.



Lots of interviews with authors or creatives.


Please check back now and then. Hope you enjoy it.

You can contact me at ragtaggiggagon@gmail.com.