The Perduror - What's it about?

The Perduror is available on Amazon for Kindle! What's it all about?
It's about an old man called Jack, and a young man named Blythe, who is in effect his carer and the closest family member willing to take care of him.
Jack has seen one-hundred years of life. He recounts the family's history to grand-nephew Blythe. But the older man has other ideas to impart: The importance of carrying on an esoteric family tradition.
Jack paints a picture of a family sworn to protect the underdog since the Middle Ages. Blythe gradually learns to believe his uncle’s tales, but his trust is questioned when it transpires that Jack’s motives are not what they seemed.
As Blythe meets and falls in love with a young Frenchwoman, he learns from Jack that there is a family representative in each generation with the ability to talk to God, a gift Jack claims has been bestowed on the family since medieval times. A gift that is bestowed on Blythe

He is the family’s Perduror - and he must perdure until the traditions are passed on to the next generation. Blythe soon discovers that these family traditions - and his own life - appear to be under threat from rival clans.