Inauguration WatchPaintDry Wankathon!

Every year - on the anniversary of his father's death - Martin Bormann Jr. masturbated to orgasm in honor of his memory.

"YOU'RE a doll fiddler!"
"No, YOU are!!"
So who, pray tell, was Martin Bormann Sr.?

He was only one of these Nazi chaps with an eye for interior decoration that included lampshades made out of human flesh. 

As private secretary to Adolf Hitler, he had the Fuhrer's ear. (He kept it in a jar on his desk next to his funny lamp.)

Keeping all that in mind, let each of us around the world UNITE on-nee nuh-nah no.
Let me try that one again.

So let us all of us around the world UNITE in an Inauguration Day




Why? Because OHHHHHHhhhhh 💩💩💩!
and because Hurraayyyyyyyy!


 The WatchPaintDry Wankathon will commence at 9.30am Eastern Standard Time and will continue all the way through until 9.30pm Greenwich Mean Time, to allow Phil Collins to travel between territories, and masturbate in both Philadelphia and London.