In Memoriam 2016

Robert Vaughan yelled U.N.C.L.E. for the last time this year.

Lots of people died. How do you like them apples?
Doris Roberts, a veteran actress known for Remington Steele and Everybody Loves Raymond, died this year.

Alan Rickman.

Terry Wogan. A broadcasting institution on the BBC. Gone.

Ronnie Corbett.
Fidel Castro.
Caroline Aherne.
Victoria Wood.
American democracy.

British comedy legends, one and all.

If you were to ask an English person back in the 80s to name a magician, the only one you could rely on being known by EVERYONE, died this year.
And then Paul Daniels passed away.

On the far side of the pond, Alan Thicke, Florence Henderson and Dan Haggerty were similar big-name television personalities.

Just weeks away from her third Zsa, Zsa Zsa Gabor passed away at the age of 99.

In the field of boxing, the Greatest died.

And what of the music?

Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.

David Bowie. Madonna. Leonard Cohen. Sting. Prince. Keith Richards.
Massive names. Most of them dead.

But where there is death, there is hope.

Having the prescience of a prognosis, Bowie released his final album before he passed away.

Carrie Fisher shot scenes for Star Wars Episode VIII before she died.

And - if the rumors are confirmed - we'll be hearing from George Michael from beyond the grave in 2017 too.

Magician Paul Daniels will be back in October, with a Halloween special.

In the US, Netflix shot two minutes worth of scenes of Doris Roberts earlier this year, which means that she can return for an Everybody Loves Raymond ten-episode season "if they spin it out right". And TV executives also squirrelled away so much archive footage of Grizzly Adams that they can now shoot a bear in the Yukon.

Doctors extracted genetic material from the late Ronnie Corbett's spleen - having harvested the chromosomes from his comedy partner, Ronnie Barker, over the last decade. Next year, the Internet-only BBCThree will give live-birth to Ronnie Barkett, who will start work on presenting a series of clipshows immediately. Doctors say that Ronnie will have perfect vision, but hand-eye coordination will require work: For example, he may initially struggle to hold a fork.

Medical experts also spliced stem cells from Terry Wogan's vocal cords and are currently breeding a large drove of pigs with the exact same presenter-to-audience chemistry as the much loved broadcaster. Any one of a number of charismatic piglets could undergo a brain transplant with Jeremy Clarkson, now on the waiting list for the treatment.

Finally, the Hollywood gossip mill suggests that if computer effects wizards play around with Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman's head for a few months in 2017, they will probably be arrested.