Did she say that?

 "That kid deserves a good ****ing ****ing!"
~Hillary Clinton about Barack Obama in 2007

"Could you send a turkey baster and a hoover up to my room please? The biggest baster you've got there? I just thought of something I can do to help me get to sleep."~Hillary Clinton at the Hotel Lombardo, Milan, in 2010.

"Man, that guy might speak like a king, but I'll bet he's a real pervy goer, huh? I'd like to see him in leather."
~Hillary Clinton about David Cameron in 2014

"You know what I'd do with you, you commie m*********er? I'd grab you by the ****ing **** and suck you for a moment all blinking like a faun, and then I'd stick you under me and then when you were spent, I'd waterboard you with my doohdah, you oil-hoarding m*********er."
~Hillary Clinton to Hugo Chavez in 2011

OH NO SHE DI'INNN! She actually didn't. But who cares? It's just LOCKER ROOM TALK!

Hillary would do more to give the women of the developing world a means of making a better life for themselves just by becoming president. But she has done that already for decades, through her work, her words and actions as Secretary of State, and as First Lady.

These are women who've fled warzones, women who have left violent homes, women who have escaped families keen to marry them off to older, disgusting men.

Men like this guy, who's been sourcing his steel from China so that he can build his fancy Washington post offices at rock bottom prices. Mister Cost-cutter.

This Captain of Industry, Captain Disgusting, with no discernible insight into his double standards. Women are ugly? You're ugly!