So you've left the EU...

You stupid ****en stupid ****s. But ignore the doomsayers.


1. Norway is not in the EU but in the European Economic Area. Sweden IS in the EU. 

Their border is very porous for Scandi-travel and it's easy enough for the members of A-ha to cross the fjord, and have a great sauna party with their rancid fish beer and predesicated weathered reindeer biltong, nextdoor in Sfaarden with the members of ABBA! Fjorden Bjorn Morten, ehhh?

2. The German chancellor, Angle-a-Merkin, is actually very nice. Even if she's getting beef from the British over too much immigration, in a forgiving way compatible with her Christianity - undermined for decades due to her East German origins - she'll still be all "Well the horse has bolted so there's no point in us losing our sheiBe now! No biggy for the tourism and trade, aiiiight?"

3. English people all over the country are approaching foreigners - work colleagues, people on trains and buses, and pedestrians - and jeering at them like numpties.

There were similar issues with the slaves who were freed under the
abolitionist legislation introduced in the United States after their Civil War. Some slaves thought freedom meant 

(a) that they owned their shacks and the land they farmed, 
(b) that they could take whatever they wanted, 
(c)that they wouldn't have to work another day in their lives, and
(d) that they could tell their nasty overseers to go fuck themselves.

I address these same English people who are telling their work colleagues from overseas to go home, and ask: 

What are the differences between the two scenarios?
1. Slavery's wrong, as your own esteemed Mr Wilberforce made perfectly clear, long before Lincoln freed the slaves.
2. The English at home already have emancipation, and more rights than the foreigners. Slaves had few rights before abolition, and a few more afterwards. 
3. Most slaves were illiterate, with no formal education, and with little or no idea what the abolition of the laws against them entailed. You don't have that same excuse.

Englanders: Don't shame your great country with disgusting behaviour!