How To Cook Stefan Edberg A L'Orange

You'll never guess who I ran into at an event this morning held by the Irish Tennis Association. That's right - none other than World Champion tennis star Stefan Edberg!

Here's a photo if you don't remember him!

Swedish Stefan was World Number One in the early 1990s. He attended an event in Dublin to talk about his career highs, when he played against the likes of Boris Becker and John McEnroe at Wimbledon!


We're lucky in Dublin because it's a small city, but because it's the Irish capital, we frequently attract big names that larger European cities might not get!

I didn't have a chance to take a photo with Stefan, but he was still in great shape, with nice muscle tone, and he was a funny and charming speaker.

He came out, wearing one of his colorful shirts, to enthusiastic applause. He was trim and lean, and I really liked the shirt he was wearing. 

So today, I'll show you how I intend to cook this Swedish gentleman, who was both kind - and foolish - enough to chat with me in a quiet corner of the conference centre where the event took place. Don't you like the shirt he was wearing? It's super-retro! I've been wearing it since I left the event this afternoon, and I've been getting compliments from everybody! 

Creative cuisine is something I take very seriously. So my idea is to slow-cook Stefan, and during this process, I will both baste and marinade him in an orange sauce.

I'm just testing the oranges now - they're pretty tasty, not too sweet, and they'll be great as a base(line)!

What I plan to do then is to populate the plates on which slices of Stefan will be served, with whole citrus fruits - because the limes, lemons and oranges look a lot like tennis balls. Then I will garnish with parsley and vegetables. 

Robert will then be my father's brother! 

Join me again for more Creative Cuisine! And please support me in my campaign to eat Tom Cruise too!