Jose Mourinho's weakness revealed as he is sacked

Mourinho has paid the price for his arrogance, as has been discovered over the last two days as he had a dip in his psychological strength.

In a series of interviews as he departs Chelsea, he dropped his armour and the bombshell as it became apparent what actually drives him to success, and what his irrational fears are. Check out the quotes below:

"Iraqi Scud missiles from the Saddam regime are decommissioned," he said, as the mask fell away. "I am not decommissioned. There is the difference. I am ready to fight, and I have a lot of fight, and I play to win. Iraqi Scud missile attack fears notwithstanding. And who would be afraid? It is irrational because they are no longer a threat."

"I am statistically three times as long delivering the goals [this season]," he explained. "This is why I need to make my walk away from the dug-out into more open area where is less likely to be containment, but ironically more damage in the dug-out itself, from blast after Iraqi Scud missile attack, if the missile falls directly into the dugout from a pitchside angle."

"When in front of the goal, a striker must be critical. Like a critical warning prior to a Iraqi Scud missile attack."

"If Mr Abramovich sees us perform below level, is very tough for me and the players. When Mr Abramovich and the board see this same underperformance, is like a Scud missile attack on my brains. Of disappointment."

"In management, every experience is positive with the exception of the potential of an attack from a Iraqi Scud missile. But I still prefer the experience of winning without fear of Iraqi Scud missile attacks, than losing without fear of Iraqi Scud missile attack."