White Powder - AFewBraveMen MovieMaking Indiegogo Campaign

Look at these gorgeous London-based eejits. The United Colors of Benetton team here need your help.

I'm not kidding around. They are making a terrrific movie, White Powder, based on a terrific script by Dziko Kazembe, the guy in the middle.

Dziko's directorial debut is overseen by the producers flanking him, Kelly (on the left) and Marek Dabrowski (on the right). 

They all have terrific form in the film-making biz. Although a first-time helmer, Dziko has produced before and he knows his way around sets and locations. Kelly (Qiaoling Wang) has recently returned from production duties overseas. They all have a wealth of experience.

And all they need is £2,500 to make a film that will look like its budget is £3 million. How can that be done? the people cry. 
If you watch previous work from this excellent team of players, you'll understand how.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers above also have a big cast and crew, devoting their time and money to this gangsta flick. Look at the posters here featuring the lead actor Hannah Hoad.

Awesome. It looks like they've already got the movie in the can. And they will, before St Patrick's Day next year. They've worked out the shooting order. They've got the entire movie already cast.

So the three Sugababes there are going to release the movie in mid-March with or without your help. But they would LOVE your support.

Donate a few bob.