UK Reality TV roundup

I've just realised where I've seen I'm a Celebrity's Lady Colin before:

I'm not saying she looks like Planet of the Apes' Hira PHYSICALLY. She's a good looking woman -  although that argument could be made. But all of her mannerisms, sass and attitude are PURE Dr. Hira.

 Also: Here's what they should do on the Xtra Factor. Get Rolf Harris to Skype in every week from
prison. The problem with the X Factor is the absence of Louis Walsh.

Who doesn't miss Louis's cheeky innuendo?

So rope pervy old Rolf in every week, from his cell or his Ebola ward, to talk about his didgeridoo or his wobble board or whatever.

Poor Simon - the traditional figure of hate on the show - has been humanised in recent times, right? Because of all his wife-stealing.

So ROTFL Harris can use the Web 9.6 technologies to become the new villain to sink our teeth into! That'll drive up the ratings again. Added bonus: His fee could go towards maintaining his