My Gameshow Concept Pitch!

Here is an exciting new gameshow concept! It's called Tug My Roll.

ITV's Ben Shephard asks four contestants general knowledge questions against the clock (and each other)! 

Every question they get right gives them a one-handed tug on Ben's roll. And each full sheet of loo roll that a contestant can remove from the holder is worth £50!

Whether you're fast or slow on the tug is entirely up to you.

Contestants are eliminated one at a time until there's just one left.

The winner then has the chance to play for £10,000 - and this is where it gets frenetic and furious:

The winning contestant has just 24 hours to tug on Ben's roll until it's completely empty - this time using both hands - to try to win the grand prize. 

You can tune in to find out how the contestant got on at the start of the next day's episode. 

If they're still tugging during the episode, a new toilet roll holder is introduced for that show's contestants, and the gameshow cuts away at intervals to show how yesterday's winner is progressing.

If there are any interested television production companies, you have just two minutes - against the clock - to get in touch! So contact me now!