Fascinating Facts from the World of History

Did you know?

Romans often had curly hair. Why is that? 
In Roman times, the scissors had not yet been invented. The typical Roman barber did not use these tools when cutting their customers' hair. Instead, they singed the hair. The hair would often curl when the Roman hairdresser ran a cigarette lighter around the scalp, thus giving the typical Roman family a
distinctive but very fetching "Jackson Five" look.

The first Roman to use this haircutting technique was Scipio Damascus, known to us through the eyes of posterity as Zippo of Carthage.

The tradition of hair burning died out throughout the Roman Empire with its own fall, but the Celts continued to cut their hair with the tobacco-smoking accessories in Ireland for more than a millennium.

It was the most frequent method of hair-trimming on the Emerald Isle until Sir Walter Raleigh's discovery of the New World tuber known today as the potato, in the sixteenth century. The Irish then started to cut each other's hair by knocking potatoes off the skull until the hair fell out at the root.

This is why the potato is today called a "root vegetable".