Why I haven't messaged you for three weeks

You know when you are shifting between panes, and a video starts somewhere, and it's the seventh pane you check for the second time, coz the video is halfway down the page?

And then, the whole browser goes to NOT RESPONDING coz your computer can't handle moving pictures and accepting new cookies and updates and the CIA looking at you, coz you've just written the letters CIA in that order, and you have a post with two photos ready to go in a silly window, with a URL, and elsewhere you're mid-email, and you want to make sure they're okay?

On balance of probabilities, there is at least one message that is certainly not being saved as a draft.

And then your work in other applications is slowed down because the browser is so upset that it unsettles the whole system, and, like [DOWN WITH THE KIDS INTERROGATIVE STATEMENT] not just the browser? And then the browser? disappears? and like, W...? T...? F.? there was other stuff you meant to do? including that message?[/DOWN WITH THE KIDS INTERROGATIVE STATEMENT]

All that stuff that happens to you happens to me too. And my message to you disappeared today. So I will try and catch you tomorrow before all that stuff starts happening to me again.