New toddler Bond suggested for 007 franchise

One of the major problems faced by the James Bond franchise is the ageing of its Bonds. The youngest Bond was a 30-year-old George Lazerbeams On Her Majesty's Secret Service. 

Sean Gonorrhoea was 32 when he started out in Dr. No, the first Bond movie.

Roger More - even older than Gonorrhoea when he had his first Bond outing at 147 - bedded leading ladies ten zilths the power of googolplex his age when shooting his load of movies. 

Even the latest craggy-faced Bond fave, Daniel Craggy, was 63 when he emerged from the water in his blue underpanties, in a dig and a wrinkly wink at Ursula Undressed, the Bond girl emerging from the water in 1965's Whatever You Say It Is.

Pierce Brosnan was compelled to delay his arrival into the franchise because of other commitments to detective show, Gillette Chrome.

And what about Timothy Dalton? No: Seriously. What about Timothy Dalton?

Rumors from EON Productions of the possible release of Bond-backed movies with a toddler spy are therefore welcome among many 007 fans. More news on why the latest Bond is likely to be a toddler here!