Do you ever get that, do you?

And now, a few examples of overuse of the phrase Do you ever get that:

1. I was on the bus and this guy had his earphones in his ears a few rows back, and the buzz off the iPod was so loud that it was like nails on a blackboard. Do you ever get that, with the MP3 players?

2. When foreigners talk, sometimes you have to wait until they reach the end of a sentence before you can make any sense of it. Do you ever get that?

3. I like proper coffee, but if I must have the instant, I prefer the granules to the powder. Do you ever get that? I don't mean the new powder, in the tin. That's usually even better than the granules in the jar. But real coffee's the best, definitely, once the beans are of a high enough quality. Do you ever get that, do you?

4. For the first time in the history of humanity, we're facing extinction-level events that are on a par with an asteroid strike. Do you ever get that?

5. Dan, honey, you need to sit down. Maria called from the hospital. Your father's taken a turn. They don't think he'll last the night. Do you ever get that?

6.Put your big pepper thing away! There's enough seasoning in this food already, yeh madman of a waiting staff person! Do you ever get that?

7. You know the way working class people smoke cigarettes in their track suits, instead of jogging and exercising? Do you ever get that?

8. You're not expecting a Distributed Denial of Service attack any time soon, from Anonymous? Do you ever get that? Are there any other espionage writers on this forum, who've accidentally figured out a government-sanctioned assassination plot, and incorporated it into their own novel plot? Anyone else in this discussion group a fugitive, other than myself? I'm glad I can make this comment on here, coz usually a message pops up saying "We've found you again" and then the screen just sort of melts and I have to leave before I hear the sirens. Does anyone else get that, or just me? I can't find a workaround, but I'm in a friend-of-a-friend geek's flat right now. (I logged on in a private window here. He has a proxy server thing set up, so I think it's safe. Do you ever get that?) Outside the window, a dark SUV has pulled up, and four guys in black suits are coming into the building. Is that odd, or do you ever get that? Oh no someone's breaking down the door send helEDJKEl/.LP;.\weje


9. A dog barked at me - but in a nice way - the other day, and he got me to look at his collar so I could phone his owner to pick him up. Five miles from home, he was. Do you ever get that?

10. Ever notice how the phrase 'Do you get that?' and its variants are a bit overused? Do you ever get that? Do you?