Dirty purses

The Midday women (The View / Loose Women in Ireland) are discussing how the average handbag / purse contains more germs than a toilet. Thank GOD these women have raised the issue themselves. They need to tidy themselves up, instead of having the men do all the work. 

People need to know from now on that if you come into my home, you leave your disgusting handbags at the door, or you won't get in.

I usually can't criticise the grime of these accessories, or I'm accused of misogyny. And they won't let me freshen them up, although I always offer. It's the third thing on the list. 

1. Coffee or tea? 

2. By the way, in case of an emergency, I've got some hygiene products in the bathroom cabinet if it's the time in your cycle and you're at a loose end.

3. Is there any possibility that you'd let me wash out your purse with some bleach?

It's just simple manners, ladies. Leave your nasty purse on the doorstep.