The Quantum Eavesdropper: What my Work In Progress is about

The hero (a Dublin detective working under a UN mandate in a dystopic 2094) is amongst a select few world citizens to travel into space on the first faster-than-light interstellar expedition.

Ultimately, he finds himself alone on the vessel, stranded on the lip of a black hole with his faster-than-light engines just powerful enough to keep him stuck there, rather than sucked in. He finds he can communicate with people on Earth, from the vessel, throughout modern history, using his quantum entanglement communications technology - so he can talk to pretty much anybody with a cell phone today, a landline in 1925, or whatever technologies we'll have three hundred years from now. With this comes an implied ability to alter the past and/or the future.

His qualifications include former membership of a shady NSA-type surveillance unit in which he started his police career, and from which he consistently requested a transfer coz deep down he's not a bad egg. As the least-scientifically-qualified member of the four-person crew, however - and having suffered personal tragedy prior to his trip into space - he makes a mess of things trying to save loved ones alongside the rest of the world.

There's much more, of course, but if you want to hear it, get in touch.