Taoiseach accused of Garda Commissioner wipe-away

As the latest season of the Dáil kicked off, there were knives out for the government leader.

An Teeschlock Him Very Self, Inda Kinny, faced a series of tough questions after allegations emerged that he had sent a hitman to the home of Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan the night before his resignation.

The Garda Commissioner had tendered his notice subsequent to a kerfuffle caused by the novelist Alan Shatter, who made claims that the commissioner shared privileged information about a loudly-shirted surfing-enthusiast lookalike and phone-user.

However, it was the bugging of conversations among Gyardai at police stations across the country that proved the Commissioner's undoing. Loudmouth Shatter also walked away at the time.

But the canny Inda threw water on the fire by telling everyone there's going to be a date on which the next general election is held.

Well done Inda!