Dating Website Mistakes

Here is a list of dating website tips!


For Boys:

1.  Wake up and smell the coffee, gentlemen: Girls don't like toilet humor. They are, however, very fond of cupcakes.

2. Replace your profile photos with photos of cupcakes. Don't show off any guns, unless you are showing off guns. Not the guns from hunting. No game is fair game in dating photos.

3. Remember, girls are very nice! So, save your willy pics until you get to know the girl. Then, send willy pics until she complains that she has no mobile data remaining on her credit.

For Girls:

1. Ladies: Nobody wants to see photos of your cupcakes. Guys would, however, appreciate it if you showed off your cupcakes a little, in some of your pictures.

2. Images of elephants on the African savannah might show that you're well-travelled, but don't include them unless they show you fleeing a stampede, with your cupcakes jiggling. And don't shoot any lions.

So let's recap: 
Boys = Cupcake photos, no shot animals.
Girls = Cupcake photos, no shot animals.