Cat profiles with DELETED cursewords!

Everybody, meet the coolest cat
on the planet. This guy has a purr that sounds like a Maserati at a Stop sign. His constant cuteness is undermined by the time required to satisfy his need for attention. He's a diva and he knows it.
Bambam, or just Bam, is also mad as a bag of spanners. If you've read the previous post in our series, you're aware of his sister Alice. Alice suffers from a dose of the squirts on occasion. Bam's acknowledgement of his sister's irritable bowel manifests itself in consistent efforts to make her c**p herself through biting and grabbing of her flatulating ar**. 

An instance of same at one point resulted in Bambam's arrival into
the bathroom, having clearly had some kind of an altercation with his sister in which he came out worse for it, one side of his coat, from neck to tail, covered in liquid brown. Purring like a total ****pot, the throbbing ****-covered feline **** of a thing was expecting affection, and looked - for once in his life - like the attention-seeking psycho that he actually is.

Another way in which Bambam shows affection to Alice is by gripping her head in his claws and licking her forehead. He no longer limits this insistent affectionate activity to his fellow felines; once he realised that it was possible to perform the same act on humans, he started doing it.

He often refuses to release his grip, forcing the recipient of the affectionate abuse to strive to remain still until the painful grab-biting procedure is complete.

Maybe more cat profiles with redacted curse-words next time. Or maybe not!
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