Why Je ne suis pas Charlie 1

The now-retired Pope Benedict made a claim about Islam being too bellicose ten years back. Is the Qu'ran worse than the Bible?

Does he read his Bible, in the Aramaic or the Ancient Greek or the Latin or the Hebrew or whatever languages he knows? In German? This former Hitler Youth punk hung up his mitre and his fancy old-skool Santy cloak and the woolly collars (to go with his fin-de-siecle sensibilities) because he suffered a persecution complex while maintaining a stubbornness borne of a closed mind and closed shop. Among other nightmares he faced pre-retirement, when he spoke out about Islam, a nun was killed in Somalia. Every time the pope disses another religion, a nun dies in Africa. [FINGER CLICK!]

The terrorists who killed the nun identified as Muslim. The same goes for the people who killed some seventy Christians in the Middle East at the time of the Danish cartoonists causing the hooplah in 2005/6.

The Charlie Hebdo satirists see what's going on, and they get a huge bowl, and they ask their staff to do their merdes into the huge bowl (a puh-puh-puh), and they fetch a whisk. They had police protection at the expense of the French taxpayer who works a twenty-five-hour week to put horsemeat on the table. Those taxes could be spent on hospitals and roads.

No satirists should be killed. The extremists must be stopped. But it's been going on at least since Salman Rushdie went into hiding. His Japanese translator for The Satanic Verses was killed. That's what I'd open with every time I spoke, if I was Salman Rushdie.

People who are not legitimate targets are being shot or blown up or whatever else. If you say to someone "Write something contentious and post or publish, and in all likelihood someone else, somewhere in the world, will die" it's very brave of him or her to be all blustery and reply "I'm not gonna be held to ransom! I'm not negotiating with terrorists." It's tragic that people were killed over art.

Now: Look at the cartoons of the rats and the Jews in 1930s Germany. Jews look like rats. Right?

Oh no wait!

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