Santa's Last Stand Part Two

Santa’s Last Stand (Part Two)

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Me Grandda was in the army, and he used to chop down trees in Wicklow and Wexford. He kept his axe and he gave it to me Da and Da hanged it on the wall. That was ages ago, before Da went away. The dwarf’s axe is much fancier. It’s got jewels on it and everythin’. When you use it in the Old West you can throw it coz the others have revolvers but you can’t throw it any other time. It’s a great way of killin’ Mad Dog McClellan coz the blood spurts out the top of his head when you do. Me Ma had a surprise for me on Christmas Eve. We’ll stay up and wait for Santy, she says. So she got a can of Dutch Gold out of the fridge and left it on the mantelpiece for Santy and she had her wine while we waited and we watched Santa Claus the Movie.
I’s very excited waitin’ up for him, but the movie kept me mind off things. After the film, it was dark and I looked over and Ma was asleep on the couch. But I looked at her more closely and her eyes were a little bit open and I thought she’s lookin’ at me. I put me hand in front of her face and waved and her eyes didn’t follow me hand. There was some spit dribblin’ down her chin from the corner of her mouth an’ anyway. So she was asleep. Now’s me chance to play Blood Lust, I says to meself. So I snuck up to me room and I got Blood Lust 1 and brought it back down to play it. I’s quiet as a mouse because I didn’t want to wake Ma. And then I seen him before I came back into the living room.
Standin’ at the fireplace. Old Mr Nicholas his very self. With a big brown sack over his shoulder burstin’ with toys. Dressed in his red suit with a big black belt an’ his beard as white as cotton wool. I was rooted to the spot with the excitement and I didn’t say a word. He was standin’ near me Ma. He bent over so his lips were near her ear. Barbara, he whispers, Barbara, where’s Jimmy?

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