FONY Studio Exec Aimee Paschendale reaches out to World Famous Civil Rights Leaders

Kim Ju-On: The Grudge 2 bares his fangs
In a move of unparallelled brilliance, cyber-terrorists working for North Korea's Kim Ju-On: The Grudge 2 have hacked into the FONY Network Entertainment Network's network's network's network, to leak a series of emails that characterize studio executive Aimee Paschendale and movie producer Scrote Rudder as racist, snarky and inappropriate. In one email exchange between people and other people, with the subject SNORKLER WANTS TOM FUCKEN CRUISE, Aimee Paschendale describes Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo theDaVinciCode as "despicable" in turning down a jobs offer.

Michael Airbender was discussed for jobs, but screenplay scribe Aaron Snorkler said he had never heard of Michael Airbender. Aaron Snorkler wanted Tom Cruise for jobs.

In another thread of emails, Aimee Paschendale asked Scrote Rudder what she would discuss when she met President Obama at a fundraising breakfast at Jeffrey Katzenburger's house. Katzenburger is the K in Spielgurb, Katzenburger and Geffin of SKG fame.

"Will I ask him if he liked Django?" she asks, to which Scrote responds:

"12 years."

The pair go on to list 7,531 films that feature Black actors in the subsequent exchange.

Aimee Paschendale has reached out to world famous civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. However, as these details emerged, they suggest that lessons have not been learned.
President Obama: Disappointed.

As one Internet wiseacre tweeted: "I didn't know you could do that. Aren't those guys busy right now, with all the real shit going on? More importantly, can I do that? I'm borderline racist myself. If I had Don King and Michael Dukakis on my speed dial, I'd be reaching out to them too!"

Unfortunately, the two-part tweet fell deadborn from the press.