Who is the best vocal mimic? You decide!

Millions of people know that Puppy Lover Donny Osmond's speaking voice sounds very similar to Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley's speaking voice.

If Donny put a very slight Irish twang into his voice and tapped his feet a little on a wooden floor, he could probably be mistaken for the Irish dance lord over the phone. But Donny not only REFUSES to explore the possibility of mimicking the top dancer - he's NEVER even been ASKED!

Believe it or not, Riverdance hot-footer Michael Flatley is a "dead ringer" vocally for singing legend Donny Osmond - but only when they're speaking.

However, it's rare to find him neutralising the Irish twang he's acquired in order to sound like the crooner. Why? Because nobody has told him he's a fine "Donny Do-Over"!

So which one do YOU think is the best impressionist? Leave a comment below!