Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Marvel Myoovie ever

Who TF had really heard of Iron Man before Iron Man? I mean outside of the comics' fans? Or Captain America? Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and the Hulk, yebbo, bebbo! But anyone else? No. Go away out of that garden, Tony Stark.

GotG is a fantastical space opera - the special effects are syoopoib, enhancing the twists and turns of the technology and plot, such as weapons of which the viewer ain't aware til they're seen in action.

I'd argue that the twists are more impressive than Tony Stark's hundred 'n' then some Iron Men in the third movie, although those bots service the plot better. Privacy invasion metaphors and industrial theft plots of the Avengers movies notwithstanding, the Guardians movies could well become the most impressive Marvel franchise to date. The movie's humour is strong, and all of its elements combine to make it well worth a cinematic viewing. After a quick calculation, I give this movie 8 out of 8.