Creativity is found everywhere. Why, just the other day I was reading about the man who came up with the gun to shoot Pope John Paul II in the intestines in 1981 in St. Peter's Square! Why did I do that? Because this historical event features in my latest novel - as part of the creative process!

Let's look at some creativity now!

1. The Minestrone Soup / Kit Kat Kontroversy!

Have you ever bitten off both ends of a finger of Kit Kat?
And dunked it into a cup of minestrone soup? The story goes that you can suck the soup up into your mouth through the Kit Kat, like a straw. You would expect this combination of savory and sweet to be disgusting. You wouldn't be wrong!!!

But when pregnant Michelle Marshall decided to do it, mad as she was on her taste-bud pregnancy hormones, husband Joe Nestlé hit upon an idea. Although he was not related to the Nestlé people who make Kit Kat outside of the United States (where he is known as Joe Hershey), he switched out his wife's minestrone soup with coffee - a beverage more conventionally associated with chocolate eating.

And he asked the Kit Kat people for the royalties while he sat in the boardroom with all of the corporate bigwigs, sucking on his fingers as they stuck them in their coffee, telling him "It'sh delishush!" That's why you have to pay five cents every time you try Joe's clever coffee-based trick. It could also be where the expression "Cup of Joe" comes from. But it's not!

Come back for more creativity in an indeterminate length of time!!!


Who is the best vocal mimic? You decide!

Millions of people know that Puppy Lover Donny Osmond's speaking voice sounds very similar to Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley's speaking voice.

If Donny put a very slight Irish twang into his voice and tapped his feet a little on a wooden floor, he could probably be mistaken for the Irish dance lord over the phone. But Donny not only REFUSES to explore the possibility of mimicking the top dancer - he's NEVER even been ASKED!

Believe it or not, Riverdance hot-footer Michael Flatley is a "dead ringer" vocally for singing legend Donny Osmond - but only when they're speaking.

However, it's rare to find him neutralising the Irish twang he's acquired in order to sound like the crooner. Why? Because nobody has told him he's a fine "Donny Do-Over"!

So which one do YOU think is the best impressionist? Leave a comment below!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Marvel Myoovie ever

Who TF had really heard of Iron Man before Iron Man? I mean outside of the comics' fans? Or Captain America? Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and the Hulk, yebbo, bebbo! But anyone else? No. Go away out of that garden, Tony Stark.

GotG is a fantastical space opera - the special effects are syoopoib, enhancing the twists and turns of the technology and plot, such as weapons of which the viewer ain't aware til they're seen in action.

I'd argue that the twists are more impressive than Tony Stark's hundred 'n' then some Iron Men in the third movie, although those bots service the plot better. Privacy invasion metaphors and industrial theft plots of the Avengers movies notwithstanding, the Guardians movies could well become the most impressive Marvel franchise to date. The movie's humour is strong, and all of its elements combine to make it well worth a cinematic viewing. After a quick calculation, I give this movie 8 out of 8.

To the Anonymous Posters to my blog...

I appreciate your visits, but anonymous posts do not get through.

There is little point in you posting any comments at all - anonymously. This is not a filter that I have established: This is likely to be the default filter that Blogspot has established.

Given the nature of the comments, I presume that you don't read much of the content of the blog itself. You say "This is very helpful / interesting / insightful / informative" below a post, when in fact it is (supposed to be) entertainment.

And now, here is a dancing man with eyebrows: