Top ten listicle article: What it do, Sarah Palin? What? It? Do?

So Sarah Palin has asked the Republicans to impeach Obama over his immigration policy, coz he's allowing illegals to cross the border. This, apparently, gives Republican candidates a choice:

1. Oppose impeachment, and risk the wrath of the far right of the GOP.
2. Be hemmin' and a hawin' and a bippin' and a boppin' over impeachment when asked about it.
3. Support impeachment and annoy the larger GOP.

There is a FOURTH way. Any or all of the following can be included in the fourth way.

(a) Ignore a private citizen who governed 700,000 people for half a term.

(b) Show Sarah Palin two photos, one of PSY, and one of Kim Jong Un. Ask her which of them is the North Korean dictator, and which of them is the South Korean rapper. Then hold her eye and ask: "Aren't they - in fact - the same thing?"

It is the SAME! PERSON!
(c) Continue this line of questioning on foreign policy. Ask her "Which of these would you regard as a friend? From the North or the South...or the North? Is it...what?" Look at her quickly. Then ask:

" Which is correct: 'Is Iran our allies?', or 'Are Iran our ally?' "

Pronounce the terrorist organisation ISIS like iz-iz, before saying "Is ISIS causing friction, or closer contact, between Iran and the United States?" (Then, while she is waiting for extra words, run away.)

9d0 Ask her if she can use the shift key to create brackets, coz you're finding it a struggle.

(e) Any Republican delegate or representative of any kind might run into Sarah Palin. They should shout the word "SQUIRMISH!" as soon as she is in earshot, and hit the deck.

(f) Ask her if she has any items of furniture in her home that she could class as "non-food items".

(g) Point out that she was in charge of a region with a population of fewer than 800,000 people, for less than three years, that some argue that she didn't do a great job, that her advisers when she was running for VP were shocked at how shallow her knowledge was, and that she is a bulldog with lipstick on.