Simon Coveney attends Bilderberg Group Meeting in Copenhagen

Last week's "Image Mountain" Group meeting in Copenhagen was attended by Simon Coveney, the Irish Agriculture Minister. Mr. Coveney gave details of some of the meals that were enjoyed by the guests, including steak - which Mr. Coveney was later informed was horsemeat - an array of Danish hams, bacons and porks - which Mr. Coveney was surprised to learn later was in fact horsemeat, and platters of seasonal vegetables from Northern Europe - which Mr. Coveney described as "having the texture and taste of beef, but sweeter."

A sing-song took place until 3 am at the conference location over the weekend, but Simon was dapper enough to show up just four hours later, to discuss the conference in an RTE interview outside the hotel. Unfortunately, the minister of agriculture's voice was too hoarse to give a full description of the events.

Ireland's former prime minister Brian Cowen - who was listening to the program on the Player - attempted to tweet about the hungover tones of Mr. Coveney, but the ex-prime minister's tweets were mysteriously replaced with images of the nude portraits of him that had gone on display at the National Gallery during his tenure as PM. In trying to address the problem, he made attempts to use Twitter while seeking assistance from his daughter over the phone. The efforts at a solution were undermined as he failed to launch the app without cutting her off while she was on loudspeaker.

Mr. Cowen is currently completing a post-post-post doctoral course on quantum neutrinos in expanding bubbles at Laramie County, Wyoming.