"Picture Mountain" group meeting in Copenhagen

The 2014 "Picture Mountain" [WINK] Group Meeting took place in Copenhagen last week.  None of the Marvel superheroes were represented, and S.H.I.E.L.D. has been wiped out by "Picture Mountain" [WINK] Group HYDRA. Or has it?

What we do know is: The Spanish Queen may have been there.

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was there. Google's Eric Schmidt was there. Peter Mandelson was there. A LinkedIn guy was there. The Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, General Breedlove, was there. Goldman Stanley were there. Mormon Sacs. Stonedly Morgan Gandly. Or whatever.

What did ALL these people - alongside such stalwarts as Henry Kissinger and the Honorable and Undead Margaret Thatcher LG OM PC FRS RIP – discuss at the meeting as part of their future plans?

Purchase Re/Rogaine for Tony Blair's head so that his testosterone levels remain high - it is imperative that he maintains misplaced self-confidence in all of his work. Continue to provide GW Bush with the placebo lacking this side effect.

Expose Qatar as corrupt in winning the World Cup Finals bid, and undermine Arab integrity. (Ahead of schedule.)

Fly in BJ Clinton and get the Nigerian schoolchildren home for the holidays. Photo op for Obama?

Wipe out Janjaweed Militia camp / Sudanese orphanage / water reservoir and treatment facility, but mainly Janjaweed Militia camp. Send in Jimmy Carter Foundation / Oxfam / Red Cross to effect repairs.

Allow Spanish King Wankerloss to take the throne again through positive media spin on safari cullings.
Big network interview with Gaddafi’s dead/living daughter – to show that Reagan had always been right!

Pull all Coca Cola bottling plants out of Pakistan as punishment for their contract with Chinese engineers over the building of safer sweatshops.

Allow 200 Ukrainian nationalists to "fight", and upload two kitten videos. 5,000 ethnic Russians then to be cleaned over the following week, and a third kitten vid upload and a mass seal-clubbing incident on Scottish coast.

Continue to excise the “al” from Bashar al Assad.

Lots of other stuff.