BBC Scandal: Procol Harum accused of Kidnapping Nigerian schoolchildren

In the latest crisis to hit the BBC, the scandal-prone corporation has been accused of aiding and abetting members of the progressive rockgroup Procol Harum in the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian schoolchildren and young women.

The band - which formed in 1967 and is most famous for its hit Whiter Shade of Pale - contributed to the development of both progressive and symphonic rock music. Jimmy Savile - of Jim'll Fix It and Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal fame - is likely to have been at some of the band's recordings for television and radio at the BBC, in the late 1960s.

The Harum at the Beeb

Thankfully, accusations leveled against the band are due to a simple mix-up with their name and that of the terrorist organisation Boko Haram, which has kidnapped the Nigerian schoolgirls and young women from a centre of education.

Meanwhile, the BBC are considering a British re-make of a speech made by America's First Lady about the kidnappings. For more information on such "translantication", click here.