Young yokel politician causes hassle for babysitter ATOZCHALLENGE

Y is for SATYRE:


A local sixteen-year-old representative of Irish political party Fianna Fáil's youth wing, Jeremy McMahon (16), of Bantry, County Cork, had little explanation for why he aided and abetted the hiding of seven- and nine-year-olds Lar (7) and Darragh (9) Willis from their babysitter for three hours, following a daring escape from their family home last weekend via their first floor bedroom window.

Babysitter Sally Pearce was frustrated by Jeremy's refusal to assist in the return of the two boys, whose parents had gone out for an evening meal at a local fish restaurant.  When Sally noticed the boys had escaped, she went out onto the street, asking Jeremy to help in locating them. It was immediately apparent that although he knew where they were, he wasn't going to assist in their return.

"You're like, such a sap!" she said, storming away

Image courtesy of @SarahSecord.

Secretary of the local branch of Ogra Fianna Fáil Jeremy said:
"I think Sally is all prim! She thinks she's Miss Perfect! With her snub nose and blonde hair! But she's like, an eejit! I just wanted to take the wind out of her sails!"

The two boys volunteered to return to their home before their parents' return later that evening.

Jeremy is currently seeking volunteers to help out in the upcoming local and European elections for the party.