O is for OVER THE TOP Misogyny AZ Blogging Challenge

For the serious infraction of Driving While Female, Saudi ladies have to sign a pledge saying they won't do it again before they're released. Then, the men-folk are called in to collect the women. The man has to sign a pledge to say that "his" woman will be kept away from the driving seat. I wouldn't wish that responsibility on any man. Would you?

Every year, hundreds of these poor men are forced to sign a promise that their out-of-control sisters, wives, mothers and daughters are going to stop driving. Can't we stop this madness? How can these men be prevented from breaking the law because of their loopy womenfolk?

It's getting tyred, people.

Saudi Arabia ought to either kill ALL women in the country RIGHT NOW, or allow women to drive. Seriously. And if these women need help parking, HELP THEM.

Every woman I know parks better than I can. And three cats I also know are better at parking than me, when they put their differences aside and start working together as a team. Shout out to Pepper, Marmalade, and Mr. Tibbles! Coz when it comes to the Internet, you can never have enough cats.

While we're here, a great cat-related site I recently found is below:


It's run by the wonderful @Lazypaws.

And by the way, I AM a very good driver, except for the parking (and the driving).

At the time of writing, Amnesty US has a petition asking the Saudis to let the women drive. Sign it here.