N is for Novel and aN Early Childhood AZ Blogging Challenge

An Early Childhood is an ongoing blog novel.

It's a parody of misery memoirs such as Angela's Ashes, by the great Frank McCourt. The hero is a champion bodhrán player, literary figurehead, freedom fighter, and Irish television presenter called Paddy Flanagan.

The first chapter is here. It's set in what could be described as a loose approximation of the very early 20th century.

There are a number of coming of age novels (such as those by Mark Twain) winked at in the story. For instance, a parody of The Kite Runner, alongside some elements of Angela's Ashes.

A Frank O'Connor short story parody (First Confession) starts here, after which Paddy ends up very unwell in hospital.

Another Frank O'Connor parody - Guests of the Nation - can be found here. Other references to follow for the ensuing tale - when Paddy travels to England to inform Dyll of the death of her lover, a British soldier called Eaglekins - which can be found here - include The Crying Game movie directed by Neil Jordan, and Roddy Doyle's A Star Called Henry.

A parody of The Apprentice can be found here.

The BBC time travel series Ashes to Ashes and the Back to the Future movie franchise - alongside Harry Potter, which is being blogged about in the A-Z by Michelle Greene here at In Medias Res - are cited when Paddy travels to the world of the fairies from Platform Seven and a Bit in Dublin's Pearse Street station, to take on a warlock who's been giving him more than a little hassle. Also winked at are Tom McCaughren's excellent Run with the Wind books, and The DaVinci Code.

A parody of the Irish language short story Leite Dhonncha Pheig by Padraig O Siochru is found here.

A parody of the Salmon of Knowledge story found in Fionn McCumhail of Irish Fianna mythology is here.

Lots of parodies! Parody on Wayne! All the best!