M is for MNirvana...AZ Blogging Challenge

If music be the food of love, play on. M is for MUSIC.

So I'm a little out of shape. Yes. Tis accurate. No body dysmorphia for Fatty Two Bellies here, oh no! In the middle of this, intensely aware of my "Shatner belly" under the spotlights, I did a self-conscious "Dance like Boris Yeltsin" and subsequently said "Gimme a minute" for a couple of bars, feigning exhaustion.

But playing Peter Pretend with the coronaries has its benefits. I was then blessed with the good fortune, honour and immense privilege of being joined in an assist to finish off the song by the incredible vocalist from Twisted Sisters. They is an 80s cover band and they is very good. Soft Cell, Human League et al.

That chap's Kiss (Prince) thing on the night was syooooo-poib!

(If the video doesn't play of me karaokein', lemme know!)