F is for the Fake Full Irish Breakfast - AZ Blogging Challenge

Surprise your friends and neighbours with this wonderful Breakfast Enhancements and Accessories Fake Breakfast.

The only thing that's real in the Breakfast Enhancements and Accessories range is the wheatbread cracker and cheesY S.P.R.E.A.D.  - and these evergreen food items come with the kit. Everything else on the plate is made of polyurethane rubber.

Flip over that little sunny-side-up egg on the plate, and it'll tell you that it's Made in South Korea.

What a great way to fool your friends into thinking that you are eating a big breakfast. The omelettes are made from the very best quality stretch-rubber, and they wrap around towel racks or steering wheels for easy storage!

To continue the charade, fill a mug or two with tomato ketchup or garlic & herb sauces and add milk for the effect of the ubiquitous breakfast soup. And don't be afraid to fake up fruit juices with some diluted cooking oil or grease, scraped from the bottom of the oven. See your flatmates or neighbours off with a wave, bite into the cheese cracker, and get up ten minutes early and set the whole thing up the next morning, to keep them fooled!

With a range of three different breakfast choices - some with fried, some with scrambled or some with omeletted eggs - don't be afraid to mix and match. It'll shake up the whole phwackin' industry! Buy all three sets today!