Something Wicked hosts event at Manor Books in Malahide, Dublin

Rural villages and leafy burbs are frequent locations for crime fiction, whether on the box or in the bukes.

The people behind Malahide's first crime writing festival, Something Wicked, hosted an event on 13 March at Manor Books in the leafy, coastal satellite town of Dublin - a felicitous setting for such an event, as it's a location scout's dream village for Barnaby, or Inspector Frost, or Gabriel Byrne's Quirke, perhaps. Or whoever else.
The Malahide bookshop made for a great venue. A long table accommodated some 18 burgeoning scribes (I didn't count everyone but apparently it's on the record), with free coffee, tea, and cakes n stuff like that.

Crime fic author Louise Phillips doled out some terrific advice for more than an hour and a half. Given that the event catered for peeps at various levels of experience, she was very comprehensive in her wisdom. (And it turns out there were 18 writers present according to Louise's blog.)
Louise's latest is called A Doll's House and the first few pages rock so far, with a nice bit of backstory thrown atop her profiler heroine's latest case. Quite gruesome shtuff. No punches pulled, particularly with the victims of the horrible crimes in the novel.

It's a fantabulous bookstore in a brilliant old-skool location, off the main street of a satellite town, on a tree-lined promenade. Imagine that on a dark Thursday evening! Woooh!

Louise Phillips's web presence is here: