More insensitivity shown by Malay Men in Plane Crash PR Fiasco

The 8th March disappearance of what many in the West have dubbed the "Mystery in History Flight 370" has once again been addressed by the Malaysian authorities - to vocal disgust from the international community.

In an effort to put out the fires caused by insensitive text messages that were sent from the government to relatives of the flight passengers, the acting Malay Man transport minister - whose name is completely unpronounceable - held a press conference in Koala Lumper to explain that China, Australia, and France have now shared satellite pictures and associated imagery in an unprecedented spirit of sharey-ness.

However, he subsequently angered several journalists in the international community - many of them sitting down to their breakfasts at home in the UK or the US - by claiming that the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) was working alongside the international community.

"I have an uncle who died of a hospital superbug!" roared one journalist, throwing his shoe at the television. "For fuck's sake! Insensitive bastards!"
The apologies - it seems - will continue to come thick and fast from Malaysia.