1000th Tweet from Ragtag Giggagon

The blogger who posts to the Twitter account @ragtaggiggagon was delighted to reach his one thousandth tweet today. He received a phone call from his Twitter text number inquiring if he was at home. When informed that he was, the Twitter employee asked him to expect a knock at the door.

"You're the guy who does the blog about red hair, right? In Ireland?" asked the Twitter employee. "The Living Ginger, or whatever it's called?"
"No," the blogger said. "I'm in Ireland, alright."
"What's your blog about?"
"I don't really know," the blogger admitted.
"Well, just pretend, about the red hair. You are reaching your one thousandth tweet, isn't that right?" There was a sigh down the line.
"Yes. But what do you mean, about the red hair?" he asked.
"When you get the rewards package," the Twitter employee said, "just pretend your blog is The Living Ginger. There's been a mixup."
"Awards package? What?" the blogger asked.
"Right, then, Ayyy-dawwwn Rooo-a. I hope I've been of some assistance to you today is there anything else I can help you with thank you for using Twitter, umkay?"
The line went dead, and what immediately followed for the blogger was a knock at the door.

He pulled open the door and a delivery man handed him a package, made him sign for it, and he was then presented with his AWARD FOR THE ONE THOUSANDTH TWEET!