Dyeaarmwadge Mc Mweerkhhhadda on Love and Marriage

Journalist Dyeaarmwadge McMweerkhhhadda made a striking point in an interview late last year:

"I was talking to this class of kids, and the teacher put them up to it, to ask the questions about whether I'm a social fabric conditioner kind of guy or a kind of a homophonic spree. I think it might've been because he fancied me, the teacher. They're very capricious, these people. One moment, they're turned on by you, the next, they turn on you. And next thing, him and his boyfriend, and his boyfriend's boyfriend, they're all at you. But a little French fella in the classroom, he was asking me about equality. He says to me, he says:
"You 'ave Gherryguld 'ere? A puh-puh-puh!" he said. "We ALL want Gherryguld!"
And he only had butter, to use, as a social lubricant, in front of him in his little, his little boite de dejeuner.

"I said I don't have a problem with equality. But I said to him, the little French lad, I explained to him, yehkunchya, I said you don't have any rights as a father. Yahhhbollixyehhh. If your girlfriend decided to give your child up for adoption, I told him, there's trouble a-brewing. You can wait for the baby to pop, and then just snatch him and run. Or you can apply for guardianship. If you don't get that, I said, I said What next? Putting on the Batman outfit is what. So bring over all the French, I said. Let all the French come over, the French intellectuals, and see what they have to say. All the politicians. Yer woman LePen and all the rest.

"Because the chances are quite high that a few years from now, in this day and age, your little son will be living across the street, with two gay fathers, making a mockery of of of of of of of of of of the whole history of the normative normative. You'll see the two husbands every morning, toddling off to the park with your son, in his sequins or his little velvet babygro. Making a mockery. Waving at you.
"Look what weeeee've got!" Pointing at your son, in the velvet babygro. "Look at what weeeeee've got! Yehkunchya!"
And they'll be wearing matching babygros as well. In the same size. They're not made in bigger sizes. What can you do? You can't shout 'That's my son! Don't be too fragrant with my son!'

"You'll see them in the local park every summer, chasing your son in their matching velvet, looking like they're wearing velvet turkeys as underpants, and little or nothing else, laughing and playing and trying to throw balls to him. If that's not wrong, what is?"