Cosmetics Survey

In a survey of 208 women at a total of three events, 76% claimed that a new anti ageing skin serum was better than their current skin cream. However, it has been discovered that of that 76% - comprising 158 of those surveyed alongside an elderly woman's head - a large majority ticked the box for a variety of reasons beyond their own opinions.
Serum tub (magnified x 10)

(There was actually little confidence in the new serum.)

At one of the market research events, a woman arrived late, telling everyone around her as they sat through a presentation that she was "fit to burst with the bladder on me". She spent a lot of time squirming and tapping her leg on the floor. At the first opportunity, when the handsome facecream salesman turned to look at the details from an overhead projector slide, she ticked the Yes boxes on her questionnaire and quickly dashed to the toilet.

"She would never have made a show of herself with men around!" one of the other women was heard tutting.

Other women said they would buy the new serum. They failed to qualify their admission, however.

For instance, an older woman's head agreed that she liked the serum, but she was unable to control her movements in order to rub it on her face.
"Her hands are wibbly with age," explained a younger neighbour, also at the event, in mock epic tones. Then she added: "Wibbly Janice!"

Several women said that they would refuse to buy the serum, if they were faced with the rigmarole of entering credit card details on a website, even though these same women had claimed that they would buy it.

The handsome salesman at the event was embarrassed with the qualifications, when approached later.

"I spent a lot of aftershave and Brylcreem on these events," he said.

One woman qualified further:

"If it kind of came up as a pop-up ad, I'd just close the window. But if it was on a banner ad, I might click in, just to see. And maybe Favorite it. I don't think I'd buy it till I went to the shop. If it was more expensive in the shop, I'd come home and order it."

"If a sales representative turned up on my doorstep with the serum and offered it to me half price, I'd definitely buy one," claimed one woman afterwards, "...if he was in a fireman's uniform, and if I had cash! But they didn't have a box for that! But I would buy one. So I said Yes."