New Apple iPhone factory staffed entirely by undercover journalists and reporters

In a recent series of exposés, it was discovered that a new Apple phone manufacturing facility established in Detroit Michigan just three months ago was staffed entirely by journalists during its first quarter.

The reporters from a variety of media companies and publications - including Variety - were eager to establish if the working conditions in the factory would be on a par with the shoddy conditions that were exposed at a plant run by one of Apple's Chinese contractors in the Far East. Although people are still suffering at that plant, it's not even today's "fish and chips wrappers". If health and safety were to continue to allow the British tradition of chips wrapped in newspaper sheets, it would be the chip wrappers that are now at the hypothetical dump, under heaps of other detritus and waste that has been piled on top of it for the last six months.

The Variety reporter - a screenwriter working on a movie trilogy starring Rutger Hauer and Fiddy Cent - wanted to explore the potential for a script on poor working conditions at the Phone Mill, as it is known.

He laments the fact that he won't get an interesting story for a movie from his Apple experiences, as everyone else at the factory was also working undercover, with fabricated back-stories suggesting hardships that writers and reporters have yet to experience, working - as journalists often can - for free.

The city of Detroit declared bankruptcy earlier this year, against the backdrop of a questionable future, compounded by unfair rumors of the development a Beverly Hills Cop re-boot starring Eddie Murphy. Murphy's character in the franchise, Detective Axel Foley, works in Detroit before pursuing a lead in an investigation to California.

The reboot will be a re-imagining in an alternate timeline, as Detroit's entire police force has gone into liquidation.