I don't get it...


There was a discussion on Irish television last night that I don't even want to acknowledge. I will generalise here. I won't name names, or talk ill of specific bishops. But I don't get how a group of adults, or a figurehead, or a religious leader of any description, has the horrific audacity to try to explain to anybody else that they think that what they are doing is a sin - whether they forgive them or not.

But how about I forgive YOU, for being a disgusting asshole, which is probably the terminology some of the people who AGREE WITH YOU would use to describe the very rectal regions of the people you attack? The Russian so-called majority, and the African government ministers educated by your missionaries, and their Christian competitors, in their schools? How about that?

That anyone can suggest to others - in complete armchair sincerity - that their choices are actually flawed - if no one is getting hurt by those choices, and - actually - people would get hurt if those choices were reversed - is ridiculous. Do these people want reverses in society? Go back to Russia!

The first point in any conversation of this kind, from anyone on any side, should be as an advocate of freedoms and rights, however concessionary that seems, howsoever that weakens an argument. Like much of the content on this blog, discussions of the kind from last night are not "authentic dialogue". Anyone at a station that's privileged enough to express a view that includes the possibility of the denial of the Eucharistic sacrament - and who is honest and dumb enough to express that opinion - is wasting everyone's time. Do they deny heterosexual murderers the sacraments? Wife beaters? Which other groups of social pariahs could we list here that would be relevant to the discussion? Anyone?

It's an unnecessary parody of serious conversation. It shouldn't have to take place.

There was another talk, on the radio earlier in the evening, about transgender people, and the need to encourage and support them, and certain details of their surgical and medical treatments, and the lack of facilities for same in Ireland. Now, I don't get myself a lot of the time. But I certainly don't get transsexual lesbians, just as an example to pick on. I mean, even in Iran, they recognise gender dysmorphia. But I'm sure that the Iranians would look at transsexual lesbians and feel that they're pushing the boat out a little too far. This is one minority group I'm sure we can all agree that we can target! Let's round them up, people!