Shameful man forced to commit to thoughts of bestiality

An embarrassed local resident has described how his girlfriend accidentally forced him to think about sex with a horse while he was alone. The confession came in hushed tones in a pub setting to a friend last night.

'Frank' described what led up to the event one recent morning.

"We'd been sexting each other dirty pictures the night before - Melissa had texted me a couple of photos of her breasts. I had sent back a willy pic. You know yourself. The next morning I was lying in bed and a multimedia message came in at 8 a.m. from her. I had been, you know, just working my way up to things. I reached for the phone, figuring, you know, her new picture would help."

'Frank' opened the picture message moments before his imminent "arrival". The photo was accompanied by the caption:
"Look what I saw while out for my morning constitutional! Majestic! XXX Melissa"
'Frank' laments the fact that he was already "fully committed". He came to a split second decision - and it was a decision that he says he had very restricted choice over. If he had opened the image even a moment earlier - he claims - he could have averted the sexually aggressive thoughts that consumed him regarding the photo.

"I saw the picture and I thought 'Oh no!' My heart sank. I had to make a determination with limited options, so I just gritted my teeth and I let it all out!"

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