Public sector salaries still too high, insists watchdog

The public sector salary controversy continued through the week. As physician consultant consultant physicians at some of Ireland's public private public hospitals were forced to justify their salaries, further revelations are set to hit the government next week.

It was revealed yesterday that former IRA terrorist Gerry Adams is currently drawing down a salary as a member of the Irish parliament. The leader of Sinn Féin - who has been spotted occasionally in the Dáil chamber by television cameras, while making points and asking questions of the government - has been paid by the Irish taxpayer, at least since his election to the Dáil in 2011. Remarkably, a search of Adams's biography reveals that the leader of Sinn Fein has effectively been "hiding in plain view" as he went about his work in Ireland, with a constituency in County Louth, and a willingness to express views without having his voice hidden through that of an actor.

 Meanwhile, a super injection prevents reportage about Adams's former IRA terrorist friend - currently employed as a parliamentarian by the UK government. The curly haired sixty three year old has held a ministerial position at Belfast's Stormont Assembly for even longer than Adams has been working in Dublin.

The rusty-grey haired man - occasionally seen wearing spectacles - first took up the Education portfolio in Northern Ireland in 1998, and today, Martin McGuinness has the role of Deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland.