Tesco takes on Lidl and Aldi in price calculations strategy

Tesco now offers customers vouchers off their shopping if the customers find that like-for-like products are cheaper in Lidl and Aldi than at Tesco. At the cash register, calculations against similar products found at the German discounters will be compared - and if these products are less expensive at the other stores, the shopper will get a voucher making up the difference, so that they can return to Tesco again.

Customers are now secure in the knowledge that they might get even more vouchers to cover the costs of the weekly shop - which Tesco management claim could ultimately lead to an all-voucher shop within a few months. It's a risk Tesco management are willing to take.

While shoppers may feel that Tesco is rewarding their custom through a series of maths calculations that are undertaken at the tills, other people still prefer to buy their food, toiletries and ski-wear for a bit cheaper, in the less expensive German discount supermarkets.