TV Review Roundup

Do you like New Girl and Scrubs? Except you're thinking, "I want to see another show along those lines, except maybe a lot more up its own arse?" Then, why not watch Happy Endings?

Hipster racism, hipster homophobia, it's all there, folks! The fat gay fella is very funny. He's not even fat, folks. Sure, he's probably GAY fat, but he's not even Matt LeBlanc fat - and Matt was the handsome totty. Speaking of weigh-ins, this show even has a ninth-generation Wayans in it! In Living Color, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! Hurray!

Hipster dipsters!

Grundy Television should make an an all female Australian cop drama called Blue Sheilas.

When an Australian calls somebody a wog, that's proper racism right there. They do things earnestly over there when it comes to race, it's Bad Dad humour rather than postmodern, don't you know, and they don't appreciate irony. But if Jimmy Carr is cracking quips, or Turk on Scrubs is telling JD to compliment a black girl by saying her ass looks big in her dress, Oh hold on, well Holy God, that's ironical!


You know when you’re watching something really good? And the ads come on, so you change channels? And you’re watching something that isn’t as good, and there’s something in the back of your mind saying “There’s something better on and I'm missing it. What was it again?” And you've gone so thick that you can't even remember? So you go through the channels again, but you go up the dial rather than down, or vice versa, and you find something else that’s interesting, but you’re still thinking you’ve missed something? That's your brain that caused that stupidity. It's your own fault for watching too much gogglebox. Go back to Russia, Anna Chapman!