Wildlife ranger catches crocodile in his bathroom


A wildlife ranger captured a crocodile that had broken into his home - through the toilet! The 2 meter long reptile had shattered the toilet bowl and was climbing out of the hole in the floor it had created when the ranger jumped onto its back to apprehend it, before it was safely taken away.

The ranger - Brisbane born Darwin resident Giles Campbell - is known locally as the "Crocodile Dundee" of the area. He straddled the animal and called the emergency services with his mobile phone.

When Animal Control arrived at the scene, the crocodile had already overpowered and eaten most of Mr. Campbell, with a socked foot protruding from the beast's mouth. The ranger's location was confirmed with a phone call searching for him. Mr. Campbell's mobile started to ring inside the animal, ultimately going to voicemail.

The animal has been apprehended, medicated to a near comatose state, and sent to a secure undertakers. Local residents have been paying their respects, visiting the groggy crocodile as he lies in repose - many of them even calling their neighbour's mobile to listen to the ringtone going off inside the reptile.

A removal for Mr. Campbell's foot will take place this evening, with the funeral tomorrow morning - which will be next Tuesday for people in the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, luxury Italian footwear designer Alberto Vico has couriered a crocodile leather dress shoe to Australia, so that Mr. Campbell's remain can be buried in ironic style.