Sports Commentating with Our Entertainment Correspondent!

Hey folks! I'm off to the British and Irish Lions' Tour where I'll be commentating from the box!

Do you know what nickname they have for the Lions Down Below?

"The Briddish un Oirish Loins!"

But first a quick round-up of what happened at the last match I seen! It was out at a club near Donnybrook and UCD and RTE, and just a short taxi journey down the road from Doheny & Nesbitt's! Anyway, folks, spoiler alert - I wrote up my report and dropped it into RTE so it can appear in next issue's RTE Guide!

Here it is:

"At the end of the match, that line was being formed again now with the two teams lining up in a queue. And one of those lads might've skip the queue like what happened last time and jump up and snatch the ball. Folks, the queue, it was at the far side of the club house, way up the pitch. And to think, just thirty seconds ago, they were playing with the ball down the other end where the digger is parked just off the pitch, a good bit to the other side of the clubhouse. But the guy outside of the game threw the ball, and one of the lads on his team just hopped into the air and tapped it to another teammate not even queuing for the ball. And his teammate made that clever snatch and went around the line and sunk the ball in for a touchdown! Anyway, the purples won against the orangey blues! Well done, boys!"

And now with my commentary shops finely homed, it's time to head off to South Africa!

News just in: The Lions have lost over there for the first time in Jocanberrg before the test. But don't worry. I heard it's coz they fielded their weakened steam so dare best team can face their foals in the test match on Saturday.

Go team Lions! Hear the Lions Snarl!

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