Is That Really Him? Wills Flaunts New Hairstyle at Wedding

In the latest of a long line of celebrities to change his image, Prince William Duke of Cambridge has a great new hairdo! Like crue-cut Miley Cyrus and an inky footed Harry Styles, the second in line to the throne has a radical image change that is perfect for the summer months.

His Majesty has been keen to develop the new look for some time, trimming back his hairline over recent years. Now, what experts refer to as "a monk's tonsure" might just mean that Wills is keen to show that he isn't intimidated by the thought of becoming Head of the Church of England when he becomes King. As you can see in this one quarter royalty-free picture, Wills is being greeted by a bishop, indicating he's got some tough work ahead of him!

Meeting bishops and high churchmen of all kinds is par for the course for HRH Wills, and he seems keen to show that he appreciates what his future duties will be! Even though most Protestants don't take their religion too seriously, William might have to feign an interest in Christianity.

And Wills is clearly serious about his role as head of state.

 He got in trouble about flying helicopters to see his future wife in the past. Even though run-of-the-mill RAF pilots had been performing such stunts for decades as a perk of the job, his princely response was to take the heat for it, and to insist that his superiors keep quiet too! How majestic and dreamy!

But the princely monklike tonsure atop his head has been added only recently - and was seen at a recent wedding ceremony as Wills partied with friends. What do you think of Will's new look? Do you prefer his look before he started trimming, or after? Let us know!