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Fabulous Nature Facts!

The cheetah wildcat underwent a genetic bottleneck in its recent evolutionary history that was so severe that today - if a male cheetah mates with a female cheetah - he is effectively auto-eroticising his twin brother from ten years in the future.

Photo courtesy of Fir0002/Flagstaffotos
If a human was to receive a skin graft from another human, there is a very strong possibility that the second human's body would "reject" the skin. Transplant organ operations require suitable matches between humans that are genetically similar. Furthermore, medication is often required to reduce the body's ability to reject the new organ or skin.

However, the cheetah's genetic relationship with its fellow cheetahs is so close that if one cheetah's skin is thrown at a second cheetah and lands anywhere on its body, the second cheetah's body will simply blend the new skin immediately into its own fur, in a gulping fashion. If the skin lands as far away as four feet from the second cheetah, the skin will itself be genetically drawn towards the second cheetah, and it'll slap on like a "genetic magnet".

Buddhism adherents and others who believe in reincarnation agree that cheetah mothers have frequently given birth to their own selves.

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